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A selection of fun apps I've made. Ask me about what I'm working on now!


Live Github

A party management tool for events built with Ruby on Rails & Bootstrap.

  • ▹ User invitation using ActionMailer & user authentication with BCrypt.
  • ▹ request data to food2fork & Absoloute APIs to display cocktails and food recipes.
  • ▹ Consumes a RESTful Rails API which also includes custom routes.


Live Github

A grassroots movement tool that helps organize
and mobilize people to take political action.

  • ▹ Uses Devise for user authentication.
  • ▹ Uses paperclip for file upload & PostgreSQL as the database.
  • ▹ Allows users to provide transportation to events.

Photo Tool


Command-line application

  • ▹ Retrieve photos from Twitter API and Flickr API.
  • ▹ Use specific hashtags and dates for search criteria.
  • ▹ Use Benchmark to optimize the ranking of photos based on comments.

Meet Steven

Blog Github

Developer Apprentice: Meet Steven Blog Post

  • ▹ Shared my experience as a Developer Apprentice at NYC Opportunity.
  • ▹ Come learned a little bit about my background and experience.
  • ▹ Shout out to everyone at The Mayors Office for Economic Opportunity,
    your passion is contagious.


Some designs I have created.

Minor Arc
Minor Arc
Minor Arc
Nook Case
Wooden Knives

About Steven


I am a maker, in the journey of growing in the craft of software development. I strongly believe that my energy and experience working in diverse teams makes me a good fit for many opportunities out there. I am curious about new technologies, I try to break them apart, analyze them and piece them back together.

Located in New York, looking for opportunities where I will be able to keep learning my craft while helping my future team achieves its goals. I like companies that are transparent, creative, funky and supportive where people are proud of the work they do. If that sounds like someplace you know, get in touch!

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